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People – Process – Technology

Zeno Facilities Management (ZFM) is committed to making our products, services, and business processes easier to understand and use.

Zeno’s core competencies; Document Workflows/Software Solutions, Facilities Management Services and Technology Solutions. We apply unparalleled expertise in document management coupled with the talent and technologies required to generate immediate results. We provide our clients with valuable support services by relieving their employees of non-revenue generating tasks, and enable them to focus on what they do best — serving your clients!

Traditionally, companies in the facilities management industry primary business are equipment placements; therefore equipment evaluations come first, not last. Being a privately held company; Zeno is not a cookie cutter company with a cookie cutter approach. Zeno’s approach and recommendations are based on what is best for our clients and its employees, not just today but in the future as our client’s needs change and grow. Zeno does not manage relationships by the bottom line. Zeno has the depth of knowledge, experience and service delivery expertise necessary to focus on the big picture. Zeno’s holistic approach does not solely focus on elementary or independent aspects of our client’s service needs. Zeno’s unique approach has been demonstrated throughout many companies with our primary focus on the people, the processes, and lastly evaluating the most cost effective technology.

What Zeno Facilities Management can do for your organization

Whether it’s managing your centralized document production center, fleet management, providing mailroom services, increasing your output environment along with a host of additional value-added services, ZFM offers tangible benefits to your company. With ZFM, you can:

  • Keep your revenue generators generating revenue for you
  • Focus on your core competencies
  • Leverage economies of scale
  • Reduction of redundancies – communication and labor
  • Greater utilization of resources and streamlined processes
  • Gain access to best-in-class document management capabilities

An innovative assessment methodology

Zeno is the only service provider with the industry experience and resources necessary to understand your needs from a truly objective perspective. No other service provider will offer a solution that does not have a predetermined technology component.  Zeno has long-standing, involved, comprehensive relationships with a variety of major manufacturers and software providers.  Zeno will make recommendations objectively to your company on what best suits your company’s needs and requirements.

Unprecedented accountability

Zeno is uniquely flexible; Zeno constantly monitors and re-evaluates our process flows. Zeno encourages and rewards innovation and cost savings through operational efficiencies when identified by our front-line staff. When improvements can be made, Zeno shares the findings with you during our monthly management meetings.  When our clients desire changes, Zeno has the ability to implement changes immediately; our focus is unwavering on measurement and accountability to you, our client. Our monthly meetings are a catalyst for continuous improvement in the services we provide to you along with communicating identified areas where we can improve productivity and reduce cost within your organization.