What is Zeno’s RemoteManagementSystem (RMS)?

May 13, 2015

In last week’s post, What Can Managed Print Solutions Do For Your Business?, we mentioned one of the reasons our Managed Print Solutions are incredibly successful for our clients is because of our RMS (Remote Management System). Today, we’re sharing what exactly RMS is.

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What Is the RMS?
Zeno’s RMS is a secure, non-intrusive data collection tool that automatically performs print assessments, monitors consumable levels and printer status. This application is installed at the customer site and can perform print assessments automatically on a scheduled basis without human intervention. The data captured is sent to Zeno’s central server using HTTPS or HTTP.

The RMS enables us to deliver an “enterprise class” managed print solution that is extremely easy to use and implement. We are able to bring visibility and control to your printing environment through a variety of customized reports:


Remote Management
For compatible devices under our MPS program, we are able to provide supply level monitoring with customized alerts based on your printing trends to deliver automatic toner replenishment.



The RMS enables Zeno to perform ongoing optimization of your fleet through device analytics and comprehensive assessments of the overall trends within your operational footprint. Utilization reports can be employed to identify opportunities to redirect volume and reposition assets internally in order to control costs.



How do you manage your printers?