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Remote Network Monitoring

With Zeno’s remote network monitoring and management system, your business will save time, eliminate travel expenses, and allow your company access to skilled techs!

What is Zeno’s remote management software?

Zeno’s RMS is a secure, non-intrusive data collection tool that automatically performs print assessments, monitors consumable levels and printer status. This network monitoring application is installed at the customer site and can perform print assessments on a scheduled basis without human intervention. The data captured is then sent to Zeno’s central server using HTTPS or HTTP.

How does Zeno’s network monitoring system work?

The short:

In short, the network monitoring application resides on a server or a workstation and looks at a set IP range of devices pulls the metrics into a single encrypted file. That data then gets sent to Zeno Imaging.


The long:

Our network monitoring application will identify laser printers and copiers in your network. It will then pull information into a Management Information Base (MIB). The MIB is a collection of organized characteristics of a managed device. Each device has an ID that uniquely identifies it as a managed object.

With the MIB in place, we are able to extract meter values, supply levels, and service error codes to ensure we keep your device network up and running at top speed. Minimizing downtime is critical to your bottom-line.