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Data Backups

Get piece of mind when you know your data is backed up and secure by our trained team of online backup experts.

Are you prepared for a data calamity?

Making sure your data is backed up correctly is key to any business to keep productivity up. When you leverage the Zeno team, we create a dependable, consistent, and secure online backup system that works every time.

Your data security is a top priority to our team.

We understand that data backups are not easy. It can cause downtime which can lead to data loss that can hinder productivity. With online backups every 15 minutes, you can feel secure and focus on other aspects of growing your business.

What Our Team Provides:

  • We offer you a free trial to test our cloud backup system whenever you would like.
  • Our IT solutions team will send you notifications of the status of each of your online backups.
  • Zeno experts managing your backups and keeping your data secure.
  • If you require different types of backups not to worry! We offer options there too, be it local or on the cloud.