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Managed Security

Our advanced security solutions include web protection, email protection and email encryption. We save you space, we save you money, we save you time.

We keep you protected.

Online cyberthreats are around any corner but with Zeno’s managed IT services team you won’t have to worry. We offer cloud-based security solutions with no hardware installation. By providing 24/7 network monitoring and threat detection, we ensure rapid removal of viruses and other infections within your systems.

You can’t afford to ignore your IT security.

For problems big and small, managed security IT solutions offer companies critical protection.

What we offer:

  • Annual comprehensive security risk assessment
  • Employee security training
  • Security policies and procedures written for your organization
  • Access to numerous reports
  • $100,000 financial protection insurance
  • Legal and forensic breach response services

With Web Protection You Get:

  • Continuous updates to protect the whole network, even roaming users, against fast changes malware, spyware, and phishing.
  • Enforced internet usage policies and visibility into web usage through detailed reports by user or group.