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Essential copiers and printers fit for any job. From digital pressing to wide format printing, our Canon copiers and laser printers offer a vast array of uses.

Top of the line printing.

Canon’s selection of overall products are widely known for their reliability and efficiency. As a brand, they’re renown for cameras and projectors, yet they bring the same care to their Canon copiers, laser printers, and other products in the printing realm.

Canon copiers offer:

Digital Presses

Zeno’s Canon digital presses are great for their fast turnaround and high volume print jobs. They offer the same great quality for colored printouts as well as black & white.

Wide Format Printing

The wide format printing on our Canon printers are perfect for those oversized prints that others falter on. With Zeno’s print services, your wide print jobs will come with the same quality image resolution you’d expect with normal ones.

Multi-Functional Printing

Canon’s got it all. With features such as printing, scanning, faxing, and document storage, these printers act as a one-stop-shop for all of your needs. These are all done with Canon’s state-of-the-art networking features, so you’ll receive everything on time.

Easy. Simple. Reliable printing.

Make printing an afterthought so you can focus on your business.