8 Reasons to Consider MPS

February 25, 2015

The costs associated with printing are largely invisible to most organizations. Without the proper management solutions in place, printing can easily turn into output chaos. Zeno Imaging’s Managed Print Services program provides our clients with visibility and control via unique hardware & software solutions tailored to meet each clients’ output management goals.

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1. Print Flow Optimization
MPS does not always mean “less printers.” What it does mean is “smarter printing.” Zeno’s MPS team members are experts at streamlining workflow through the appropriate placement of print devices throughout our customer’s physical locations. Valuable time is often wasted walking across buildings to retrieve documents. Yet Zeno Imaging understands that access to equipment must be smart and take both output costs and logistics into consideration.

2. Saves Time & Resources on Fleet Analysis
Our customers’ IT departments have little time and inadequate tools to perform full print analysis within their environment. While every organization is interested in confronting their unknown printing costs, few have the resources or personnel to do so.

Zeno Imaging has a talented and resourceful MPS team which will perform free fleet analytics to uncover optimization opportunities. At minimum, our customers receive a complete asset list and cost breakdown of the printing trends within their operational footprint.

3. Replacement of outdated, costly and inefficient devices
Zeno’s MPS team expertly identifies which machines are too expensive, under-utilized, or over-performing. Through this free analysis, Zeno is able to replace this equipment with hardware and software solutions that fit our client’s printing trends, operational needs, and business goals.

4. Reduces costly & inefficient “local” printers
“Local” or USB-connected devices are more expensive and inefficient than most realize. These printers are limited to single users, and require unique ink cartridges which are costly and can produce purchasing slowdown. Since they are not networked, they are more difficult for our customers to manage from both an IT and procurement standpoint. Zeno’s MPS team will implement a strategy which reduces the presence and dependence on these machines.

5. Optimized Automated Toner Replenishment
For compatible devices under Zeno’s MPS program, our team is able to provide supply level monitoring across our customer’s networked fleet via our RMS solution. Zeno is capable of developing and implementing customized alerts based on client printing trends to deliver automatic toner replenishment. This eliminates the need to order toner cartridges.

6. Streamlined Ordering via Web Portal
Zeno’s customer portal provides our clients with a quick and efficient means of placing and track Service calls, order supplies, schedule equipment moves, and easily enter meter-reads for non-networked machines. This solution integrates seamlessly with client IT Helpdesks and provides them with visibility and control over their fleet.

7. Location or Departmental Billing
Organizational goals such as location bill-back can also be assisted by the software and process solutions of Zeno’s MPS program. Location, end-user or departmental print statistics can be measured and considered for budget opportunities.

8. Employee Training on Technology & Ongoing Processes Improvement
IT departments are often burdened with technology initiatives and day-to-day break-fix tasks. Training end users or fixing printers is usually far from the top on their priority lists. Zeno Imaging provides training on all of our hardware and software solutions, including the customer portal.

Zeno’s Managed Print Services offering provides our customers with the workload reduction, increase in efficiency, and cost-savings they need to reach their organizational objectives. There is no customer too small. Every client can benefit from the ability to manage their printing through an MPS partnership with Zeno Imaging!
For more information on our solutions or to schedule an MPS appointment for your client, email Ric Torres at rtorres@zenoimaging.com. Article by Kegan Chandler.